Employee Conference

2024 Conference - Tuesday July 16th, 2024

All sessions are FREE and there is NO registration required! You can attend one, two or all sessions!

Please note that participation in this event may be subject to your supervisor's approval. Considering inquiring of your supervisor if this could be considered part of your position duties in the way of active engagement with campus or as a professional development opportunity.

There will NOT be any streaming or recorded options for these sessions.  We realize this might prohibit some individuals from attending some or all sessions, but we hope to encourage people to leave their offices and engage in person to boost the networking aspect of the conference.

Reach out to Staff Senate if you have recommendations for next year’s conference.  Also, don’t forget to start thinking about proposals for you own sessions for next year!

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The Staff Senate employee development committee loves to utilize the talent of our fellow coworkers. Share your knowledge and talents with fellow coworkers at our annual conference or during the academic year through a variety of events. 

Click here to complete a session proposal for this conference or a session during the academic year.

Schedule (TBA)

The schedule will be posted in June 2024.

Past Conferences

2023 Conference - Tuesday July 11, 2023