Living On Campus

Am I required to live on campus?

For Housing Live-On Requirements, please see DSU Policy 516.001.

Can I submit a Housing Appeal?

You can submit a housing appeal if you feel that your circumstances need to be reviewed so that you can live off campus. The housing appeal goes to a committee for review. You will receive an email from the committee regarding the decision of the housing appeal. Submitting a housing appeal does not mean you will win the appeal and you should not make plans prior to the decision being made. Obtaining a lease or obtaining off campus housing prior to approval of your housing appeal does NOT qualify for automatic approval of your appeal.

Appeals for current students must be submitted with all appropriate documentation by December 1 for the following Spring Semester and May 1st the upcoming Fall Semester. For incoming students, housing appeals must be submitted by January 1 for the Spring Semester and August 1 for the Fall Semester.

How to submit a Housing Application

To complete your housing application

1. To apply for housing in Campus Connection, you must use your claimed System ID.

a. Not sure if you have claimed your new System ID?

i. Click on the link to verify:

2. After claiming/verifying your System ID, log into Campus Connection.

3. Under Self-Service, select “On-Campus Housing”.

a. Hit Continue

b. Choose Dickinson State University

c. Hit Continue

4. Click the Application tab

a. Choose the incoming student housing application

i. The semester applying for is in parenthesis

5. Follow the prompts to complete your application.

a. The $200 Pre-pay is the last step that MUST be completed before the application is completely submitted.

Here, you may view information for any assignments which have been made on your account. When roommates are assigned to you, their information may also be viewed in this area.

How do I contact Campus Security?

Campus Security is on call full-time. They can be reached at (701) 290-1068. Please report any issues to the Housing & Dining staff in each building.


When can I check in?

When you receive your housing assignment, information about when you may check-in will be included.

What should I bring with me?

All residence spaces are furnished with beds, desks, and dressers. Typically, our students bring the following:

  • Bed sheets for XL twin (pillowcase, flat and fitted sheets)
  • Blankets, pillows, towels, clothes hangers
  • Computer or tablet, television/gaming system
  • Small refrigerator, microwave, rugs, posters/pictures (hung with sticky tack or command strips ONLY).
  • Please be aware that one refrigerator and one microwave are allowed per room. Talk to your roommate ahead of time to avoid doubling.

Is there anything I can’t have in my room?

  • Candles (even for decoration), space heaters, toasters, crock pots, rice cookers, hot plates, coffee pots with exposed hot plate, etc.
  • Please be aware that anything with an exposed heating element or that gets warm to the touch when in use is not permitted.
  • Extension cords (bring a surge protector power strip with a long cord instead)
  • Alcohol or tobacco containers (even for decoration)
  • Please keep in mind that DSU is an alcohol- and tobacco-free campus.

What if I lose my key or ID card?

If you should lose your key, contact the building staff. The key charge for replacement is a non-refundable $100. If you lose your ID card, go to the Business Office and pay the lost ID Card fee. You will then take your receipt to Security for a new ID card.

How will I do my laundry? What will it cost?

Laundry facilities can be found in designated areas of each residence building. Students may use the machines free of charge, but each student is responsible for purchasing their own laundry detergent.

What will my address be?

  • DeLong Hall
    281 DeLong Place
    Dickinson, ND 58601
  • Main Campus Apartments – Building A
    (Apartments 1 – 8)
    717 11th Ave W
    Dickinson, ND 58601
  • Main Campus Apartments – Building B
    (Apartments 9 – 16)
    711 11th Ave W
    Dickinson, ND 58601
  • Main Campus Apartments – Building C
    (Apartments 17 – 24)
    715 11th Ave W
    Dickinson, ND 58601
  • Woods
    841 5th St
    Dickinson, ND 58601


Can I request a roommate?

You can request a roommate as part of your application process. If you would like to request a roommate after you have completed the application, please call Housing & Dining at (701)483-2091.

What if I have problems with my roommate?

We make every effort to mediate roommate issues as they arise, but we also realize that sometimes, things just are not working. If you have an issue with your roommate, follow these steps: (Bulleted List)

Talk to your roommate. Open communication with them is key to a good relationship, and it is often the fastest way to solve an issue.

Talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). These staff members are students, like you, and they are often able to understand what you are experiencing. They are great at mediating a conversation, if needed, and at offering suggestions.

Talk to your Hall Director (HD). If the problem is too great to handle with the help of your RA, they will typically refer you to your HD. These individuals are full-time staff members who live in the halls. They are aware of different options which may be available to you and are wonderful resources for many issues.

If you are still unable to find a resolution for the issue, contact the Office of Housing & Dining.

Can I Change My Room/Roommate?

We believe having a roommate is one of the most important aspects of going to college. Students learn a great deal about themselves and others through this experience, as well as developing life-long skills of working with others, effective communication and problem solving. During the first full week of classes, students can fill out a form to request a roommate change for one week. The form will be made available online and will be reviewed and accepted through the Office of Housing & Dining. We make every effort to find a suitable housing assignment for everyone at that time.

Payment Information

When is my housing payment due?

Room and board payments are due in full on the first full day of classes.

What if I am paying with financial aid?

Regardless of the method in which you choose to pay for your room and board, the $200 non-refundable pre-payment ($175 for students currently living in housing) is required to hold a reservation and will be returned to you through your student account when your financial aid is disbursed. To use financial aid for your room and board, you must ensure you have completed your FAFSA, submitted verification documentation, and have accepted your award on Campus Connection before the first full day of classes.

What happens if I don’t pay or I don’t submit my vaccination record?

The State Board of Higher Education requires all students under the age of 21 or who have not completed at least 60 transferable college credits must have valid documentation of meningococcal vaccination. Failure to pay your room and board fee or provide proof of vaccination may result in being locked out of your room or administratively withdrawn from courses.

Contact Information

How Do I Contact Residential Life?

Assistant Director of Housing & Dining

DeLong Hall Resident Director Office

Additional information about Housing & Dining is available on the Housing & Dining website or in the current edition of the Student Handbook. If you have any questions, please call the Office of Housing & Dining at 701-483-2091.