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This form should be completed by a currently enrolled DSU student who wants to cancel or withdraw from all DSU courses.

View the Cancellation/Withdrawal form on Campus Connection by completing these steps

Log into Campus Connection and click on the DSU eForms tile.

Click on Records Office folder.  Click on Major Minor Change.

View the Major/Minor/Advisor Change form

This form should be completed by a DSU student who wants to register for courses collaboratively or to make changes to their collaborative course schedule.

View the form Collaborative Form on Campus Connection by completing these steps

This form is used by students who have completed a degree and wish to continue to another undergraduate program without a break in enrollment at DSU. If you are continuing in a master’s program, please apply here.

General Information:

  • Students switching mode of education from online to on campus are required to provide documentation for proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Limited enrollment program students will be “Pre” until formally accepted into the program.
  • An advisor will be assigned/updated based on the new program of study as necessary.
  • Please allow up to 7 working days to process.
  • Email confirmation with the results, will be sent to the student to their Dickinson State University email address.

View the continuing Enrollment Form (NDUS Username & Password Required

Academic Records has created a GT-eform for Course Substitution Requests in the major, minor, concentration/option and general education.   

Course Substitution forms can be submitted by faculty, academic school administrative staff, or students.

How to initiate a course substitution form

How to approve a course substitution form

Note: This form requires that you login with your NDUS credentials. Must be completed by students who wish to release non-directory information to another individual or individuals.

View the FERPA/Student Information Release form on Campus Connection by completing these steps

Academic Records has created a GT-eform for all registration actions which currently require various hard-copy or fillable forms (Excess Load, Prerequisite Approval, Class Drop, Class Add etc.).   

Registration Action forms can be submitted by faculty, academic school administrative staff, or students. Workflow of each registration action type is indicated below. 

How to initiate a registration action form

How to approve a registration action form

Registration Action


Add after the deadline

Instructor to Approve/Deny

Elect audit grading

Instructor to Approve/Deny

Overload to more than 18 credits (Fall/Spring) and 12 (Summer)

Advisor or Dean to Approve/Deny

Undergraduate overload to more than 21 credits (Fall/Spring) and 15 (Summer)

Advisor and Dean to Approve/Deny

Graduate overload to more than 9 credits (Fall/Spring) and 7 (Summer)

Graduate Advisor to Approve/Deny

Override into closed class

Instructor or Dean to Approve/Deny

Override prerequisite

Instructor or Dean to Approve/Deny

Time conflict

No External approval required

Time conflict after last day to add

Instructor to Approve/Deny

Change to/from S/U grading through last day to add

Instructor to Approve/Deny

Drop after the deadline

Instructor to Approve/Deny

Section Change

No External approval required

Freshman/Transfer drop-add (through last day to add)

Advisor to Approve/Deny

Complete the Legal Name Change Request form located in Campus Connection: 

  • Sign into Campus Connection
  • Select the DSU eForms tile
  • Select "Legal Name Change Request"
    • This form must be completed electronically. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

View Legal Name Change guidelines and directions

Appeals, Waivers and Reporting

For currently enrolled students seeking to drop or withdraw from one or more courses due to personal/medical/family emergency issues.

View Application for Drop-Withdrawal Appeal form

Complete this form after informal attempts to appeal a course grade have failed.

View Grade Appeal procedure

View Grade Appeal form

Request for waiver of specific university graduation requirement, for example – request for waiver of one or two credits of required degree minimum.

View Request for Graduation Requirement Waiver form


This form should be used by an instructor who will assign an incomplete final grade for a student.  An incomplete may be requested by a student who has been in attendance for at least 60% of the course, has done satisfactory work (C or better) during the term, and whose work is incomplete for reasons found to be satisfactory by the instructor.

View Course Completion Agreement form

DSUlive™ courses can be requested by students who have extenuating circumstances that restrict traditional attendance. The Academic Records office will notify advisors to contact the faculty member(s) of the courses identified on this form upon approval by dean or director.

View DSUlive Request form


This process allows students the opportunity to request Academic Forgiveness for DSU courses.  Please thoroughly review the Academic Forgiveness Policy prior to completing this form.

View Academic Forgiveness Form

View Academic Forgiveness Policy 440.003

Complete this form to appeal academic suspension to be able to return to DSU.

View Academic Suspension Appeal form

Utilized by DSU graduates who are requesting an additional copy of their original diploma.

View Additional Diploma Order form

Students should complete this form to apply for graduation at Dickinson State University.

View Application for Graduation form

Required for admission to the four-year public universities in North Dakota.

View College Preparatory Course Report form

This form should be used by DSU undergraduate students seeking approval to apply to a combined/accelerated 4+1 graduate studies degree program.

View Combined/Accelerated Degree Program Declaration form

Visit the Early Entry page for forms, tutorials, deadlines, and other information for educators pertaining to early entry. 

Visit Early Entry page

Complete this form to request academic credit for military/ACE programs.

View Evaluated Non-College Coursework Form

View Competency Based Credit Earning Procedure

Request for current or prior student to release immunization records on file at Academic Records to self or another party.

View Immunization Records Release Request form

View all forms and information associated with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) on the IRB page.

View Institutional Review Board (IRB) page

A student that has the intent to take courses for credit without the completion of a degree at Dickinson State University should complete this form.

View Non-Degree Seeking Student form  

Submit this form to report online academic misconduct.

View Online Academic Misconduct Report form

Complete this form to request academic credit for training or learning acquired through experience.

View the Prior Learning Assessment Form

View the Competency Based Credit Earning Procedure

This form is for DSU students who have previously attended, but have not been enrolled for one or more semesters. If you are currently enrolled and completing a degree and wish to continue to another program without a break in enrollment, do not complete this form.  Please complete the Continuing Enrollment Form.

View Returning Student form