Graduate Students

Dickinson State offers affordable, flexible, and accredited master's degrees to help you advance in your current career or start a new one.

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Note: DSU graduate programs are primarily online classes and do not support the F1 student visa process.

Please visit the program page of your choice for additional details about required application materials. 

International Applicants:  Please note that in most cases, under-graduate transcripts from outside the US must be submitted through an evaluation service. Most international graduate students must also submit proof of English proficiency. To inquire about exemptions or for more information, please see the DSU International Admissions page.  Some programs may require increased minimum scores for acceptance. DSU’s graduate programs do not support F1 student visas at this time.

Your completed application will be forwarded to the school dean for your graduate program. If you are offered admission to the program, you will be notified of your acceptance standing.

  • Full Acceptance
    • Application materials will be reviewed as they are received. A decision for full acceptance/standing may be granted by the school dean when a student has submitted all required documents and meets the admission criteria for this standing.
  • Conditional Acceptance
    • An applicant who does not meet the requirements for full acceptance/standing into a graduate program may be considered for conditional acceptance for a period of time as determined by the dean of the school.

Once you receive your acceptance decision, you will also receive instructions on how to schedule an advising appointment to enroll in classes.

The North Dakota University System requires that new students provide documentation of immunity for certain diseases unless an exemption is accepted. For more details on these requirements or potential exemptions click here.

Current graduate students may refer a new graduate student to enroll at Dickinson State University and receive additional scholarship funding. Upon the prospective student’s enrollment at Dickinson State University, both the current and new student will receive a scholarship of $500 for a maximum scholarship in this program of $1,000 per academic year as either the referrer or the referred.  

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must have applied to Dickinson State University. Note that are incomplete applications will not be considered for the scholarship program. 

Eligibility and rules for student referrer (Current Student)

Student referrer must initiate the scholarship process, by completing the electronic form provided by the DSU Heritage Foundation. 

Complete the scholarship application form

  1. Current student must be enrolled as a DSU graduate student at Dickinson State University full-time during the semester the scholarship is granted.  
  2. Current student referrer will only receive scholarship funds if the referred prospective student enrolls at Dickinson State University.  
  3. If the referring student refers more than one prospective student, the referrer may receive one (1) $500 scholarship for each referred student that enrolls full-time at Dickinson State University (up to 2 referrals). For example, if a student refers three prospective students and two of those students enroll, the referrer would be eligible for $1000 in scholarship funding.
  4. Current students must complete the electronic application form before the prospective student completes their application process.  
  5. Referrer will not receive scholarship funds if the referred student(s) does not/do not meet the scholarship rules and policies or withdraws prior to the official enrollment census date. 

Eligibility and rules for referred student (new student) 

  1. Referred student must be a new prospect to Dickinson State University. If any part of a prospective student’s application and documentation was completed before May 15, 2023, OR if they have a deferred application, they do not qualify as a new prospect.  
  2. Referred student will only receive the scholarship if they enroll as a full-time graduate student at Dickinson State University in the Fall 2023 or later semester.
  3. Each referred student is only eligible for one (1) scholarship of $500 regardless of the number of student referrals received for the new, prospective student.