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Upon acceptance to Dickinson State University, your transcripts will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Records, who will complete the transfer evaluation.

After your courses have been evaluated, you may view the results on Campus Connection. Please refer to the section below on reviewing your Transfer Credit Report for additional details on how transfer courses have been equivalated. Also refer to the challenge procedures below if you would like to challenge how a course was accepted.

You can find course equivalencies from various schools across the U.S. on the Transfer Equivalency website. This database is for planning purposes only. A school or course not listed does not signify that it will not be accepted. The equivalencies listed are subject to change.

DSU accepts and transcribes all credits from regionally accredited institutions. All credit hours from institutions will be transcribed as semester hours on the DSU transcript.

Courses are accepted in transfer in a combination of ways:

  • Equal to a specific course at DSU
  • Fulfills a general education course requirement
  • Fulfills a requirement towards major, minor, concentration, option, or track
  • As elective credit

GERTA is a guide to transfer general education courses within the North Dakota University System and other associated North Dakota institution of higher education.

The NDUS Transfer Agreement was developed to assist students who transfer within the eleven NDUS campuses and tribal colleges in North Dakota. Students who have completed the lower division General Education Requirement (GER) at one campus are deemed to have completed them at another. Students who have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from another NDUS institution are GER complete upon transfer to Dickinson State University. Please be advised that some bachelor degrees require specific general education courses. Details may be found in the current academic catalog.

Students who have not completed GER prior to transfer and have not earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will find that their General Education coursework taken at one campus will be acceptable as General Education course work at Dickinson State University, although some redistribution of courses may result. Transfer students and advisors should refer to the Transfer Credit Summary Report in Campus Connection for transfer equivalencies.  

Please contact Academic Records at or 701-502-4030 for questions regarding GERTA.

Your general education requirements will be considered satisfied if you meet the following: Successful completion of a bachelor’s, Associate of Arts (AA), or Associate of Science (AS) degree from an institution accredited by an organization recognized by the United State Department of Education. Students may be required to complete other courses, which may fall under a general education category, only if the courses are required as part of the student’s program and were not completed prior to transfer or are part of the receiving institutions upper-division general education requirements. Please be advised that some bachelor degrees require specific general education courses. Details may be found in the current academic catalog. This is reflective of current SBHE policy. 

Dickinson State University participates in the General Education Requirements Transfer Agreement (GERTA) with other North Dakota institutions and the NDUS transfer agreements with out-of-state institutions and state systems.  More information, details, and qualifications of state articulation agreements may be located through NDUS ProceduresA complete list of DSU articulation agreements and MOU’s is available here.    

Once a student has been accepted, transfer credits will be evaluated and posted in the order in which they are received. Students are contacted via email after their transcripts are posted. An evaluation of courses and DSU equivalents are available for your review in Campus Connection > Transfer Credit > View Transfer Credit Report.

According to the DSU Equivalency and Substitution Waiver Policy 530.008, you may be allowed to substitute or waive courses upon approval from your advisor, the school dean, director of academic records, and the vice president of academic affairs/provost.

Students should consult the dean of the corresponding school to determine if a course is equivalent to a DSU course or if a transfer course may be used as a substitution. A course description or course syllabus may be requested to assist with the determination. 

Course substitution is when a student petitions to substitute a different course (transferred or not) in lieu of a required course to complete his/her degree. Substitutions are issued by the academic school on a case-by-case basis and are only effective for the current student requesting the substitution(s).

Course substitutions do not override prerequisites.

Course equivalency is when a student transfers in a course from another college or university and wants that course to be equal to one that DSU offers. Upon approval, the course will then be equivalent for other students coming from the same college or university.

If you haven’t applied to Dickinson State but are thinking about attending and would like to know if your courses will transfer, you can request an unofficial transfer credit evaluation. The request will be held for 30 days until the Office of Academic Records receives an unofficial transcript by mail, fax, or email. Please contact Gwen Mosqueda at to request an unofficial transfer evaluation. Please allow 3-5 business days to process.

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