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The Testing Center requires appointments for all exams. You must make the appointment at least three business days in advance. Schedule them in Starfish (Schedule Exam Online), via phone/text, or email. You will need your student ID to use the Testing Center.

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DSU Testing Services

The DSU Testing Center offers the following tests:

  • Online course exams
  • Placement exams
  • DSU challenge exam
  • Exit exams
  • National League for Nursing (NLN) test

Other Exams available online only:

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

We provide proctoring services for online students to take online course exams.

Online Course Exam Proctoring Information for Students

Tests proctored for DSUlive™ classes will follow the test proctor policy of the class.

DSU uses Accuplacer test scores to help place students in the level of math and English courses where they will find the most success.

Accuplacer Exam

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Placement Test Tips for Success

Preparation for placement test(s) is important. We encourage you to visit these websites to prepare for your test(s) in advance:

Tutoring is available for enrolled Dickinson State students.

DSU has a retest policy that allows repeat placement testing within 7 weeks and includes the proctoring fee of $15 per retest.

Financial Aid and Degree Audit

Remedial classes do not count toward a degree audit. However, they will count toward financial aid (up to 30 credits). If you are admitted into an eligible program and take remedial classes within that program, you can be considered a regular student. The remedial courses must be at least at the high school level.

We offer the following challenge exam to test out of required courses. You are responsible for paying the recording fee if successful. Click the exam link for further details.

CSCI 101 Intro to Computers Challenge Exam

To gauge the knowledge you’ve mastered while earning your degree, you are required (depending on the major) to take a graduation exit exam. These tests are critical for evaluating the quality of our programs, and your performance on them is important to your academic department and the university. How well you do reflects not only on the reputation of the school but also upon the value of the credential you will be earning. Depending on the major, the test result may affect your grade.

Exit Exams

If you have a GPA between 2.33 and 2.5, you can seek alternate admission to the BSN program by successfully passing the NLN NACE I Exams (Foundations of Nursing, Nursing Care of Childbearing Family, and Nursing Care of Child). A minimum score of 70% (total decision score) is required on the Foundations of Nursing exam and the combined average score on the Nursing Care of Childbearing Family and Nursing Care of Child must be 62% or greater.

  • You must complete the exams by August 1.
  • You must pay all costs associated with the exams before they are ordered and proctored. If you are not enrolled at DSU, you must also pay a proctoring fee.
  • You can retake your exam(s) only once.

If you’re taking a class through another school, the Testing Center can proctor your exams.

Exam information should be sent to dsu.testing@dickinsonstate.edu.

Non-DSU Course Exam Proctoring Fee: $15 per hour scheduled (example: 90-minute exam = $30).

You can earn course credits through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). This exam is only available online through College Board. Please see link below for further information.

CLEP Exams