Master of Business Administration

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares you with skills to innovate, collaborate, and lead effectively and efficiently. In this program, you will experience a rigorous involvement into the nature of business functions and processes and will learn through experiences and reflection. After completing this program, you will be prepared for advanced positions in the business environment that require critical and innovative thinking.

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Admission Steps and Requirements 

Note: DSU graduate programs are primarily online classes and do not support the F1 student visa process.

  • Admission to the School of Business and Entrepreneurship's (SoBE) MBA requires a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or its equivalent from a school in another country. Official transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.
  • Admission to the MBA requires a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. If you have a GPA below a 3.0, you may be admitted based on documented potential.

Statement of Purpose

  • You must submit a Statement of Purpose describing your interest in business studies. You will be judged on writing ability as well as statement content.

Letters of Reference

  • You must submit two letters of reference in support of your admission to the program. Reference letters should be from prior academic advisors, faculty, professional colleagues, or supervisors who can attest to your ability to succeed within a rigorous academic environment.

Entrance Exam

  • You are required to complete the SoBE MBA Peregrine Entrance Examination located at and pay the exam fee of $40. The password to access the entrance exam is DSUND-1001. The registration process will take five minutes, and the remaining exam questions will take approximately one hour.
  • To ensure success within the MBA program, students that don't meet the baseline score in business fundamentals will be required to complete academic leveling courses in the four fundamental content areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Academic leveling courses are abbreviated, intensive-study, on average one week in length per course, in the content area, and can be completed feasibly before full admission is granted. The cost of each leveling course is up to $49. If needed, you can begin taking a leveling course immediately following the completion of the ME Peregrine Entrance Examination.

Full Acceptance

  • Application materials will be reviewed as they are received by the chair of SoBe. Full acceptance is granted when you have submitted all required documents and meet the admission criteria.

Conditional Acceptance

  • If you don't meet the requirements for full acceptance into the MBA program, you may be considered for conditional acceptance for a period of time as determined by the chair of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Your completed application will be forwarded to the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and you will receive communication about how to schedule a time to speak with an advisor and enroll in classes.