Schools and Departments

Graduate Studies

Dickinson State University invites application for admission to Graduate Studies from individuals holding baccalaureate degrees from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or with equivalent preparation acquired in another country.

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Agriculture and Technical Studies

The Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies provides you with practical knowledge and skills based on theoretical and proven techniques and prepares you for government or private sector careers and for graduate/professional school.

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Arts and Letters

The Department of Arts and Letters fosters excellence in art, music, theatre, language, literature, and communication. We offer you a combination of distinguished faculty and a diversity of experiences to fully develop your talents and interests.

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Business and Entrepreneurship

The School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SoBE) prepares you to become an active participant in your community and encourages you to reach creative solutions, so you work effectively and efficiently in your profession.

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Whether your goal is to work in teaching, training, or management, we will prepare you for your future health, fitness, or sports career.

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Mathematics and Computer Science

We provide courses, training, and degree programs that prepare you to analyze and solve problems using the tools of mathematics and computing.

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Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences is the home for biological, physical, and earth sciences at Dickinson State. Classrooms containing state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment provide you with hands-on experiences using modern scientific equipment in small group settings.

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In a university setting, you will learn more than just the technical aspects of nursing and will acquire the well-rounded educational experiences employers seek and which you'll need to become a successful nurse.

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Social Sciences

If you have a passion for learning about social environments, cultural and historical heritage, social and political systems, or the psychological nature of your personal existence, then this is where you belong.

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Teacher Education

The nationally accredited School of Education at Dickinson State offers high quality programs in elementary education and features several graduate level courses.

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