International Admissions FAQs

Can the application fee be waived or refunded?

No. This fee is a onetime requirement for everyone who applies to Dickinson State University and is non-refundable. Admissions and immigration documents will not be issued until the application fee is paid.

What academic documents are required for admission?

Please visit the International Admission page here to view a step-by-step application process as well as country-specific requirements.

Send all documents to:

Dickinson State University
291 Campus Drive
Dickinson, ND 58601

I have attended a college/university in another country but do not wish to receive transfer credit. Can I apply to DSU as a freshman/first-year student?

No. If you have taken any classes at a college or university, you must submit official academic records showing grades for all coursework. If you have not completed a program or have only taken a few classes, we still require those official academic records for admission consideration. All college/university transcripts that originate outside of the U.S. are subject to a third-party course-by-course evaluation by a NACES authorized transcript evaluation service.

What types of financial documentation does DSU consider official?

Financial support includes any of the following:

  • a checking or savings account statement
  • certificate of deposit
  • account balance confirmation on bank letterhead
  • government sponsorship letter
  • educational or bank loan
  • a scholarship award letter

Please do not submit any paperwork showing fixed assets, pay stubs, etc. All documents must include an original signature and stamp/seal on top of each page from the issuing bank or financial institution to be considered official.

How will I know if DSU received my documents?

You can contact the Admissions office to review the status of your documents.

How long does it take to get my admission decision?

Please allow 2-3 weeks after we receive all required documents for your admission decision.

What are the deadlines for submitting all my application requirements?


  • Application Deadline: July 1
  • Admissions Cut-off: July 16


  • Application Deadline: November 15
  • Admissions Cut-off: December 1

If you are physically present in the U.S. in active status on an F-1 visa, we may be able to process your documents after the deadlines listed above.

How and when do I get my I-20?

To receive an I-20, you must submit all required application documents by the application deadline and be admitted to DSU as a degree-seeking student.

Can the I-20 be sent electronically?

Yes. I-20s can now be signed and sent electronically. You must print a copy for your visa appointment travel. You can request an original I-20 from the Office of International Programs to be sent via DHL or FedEx. (Fees will apply.)

How long will it take the I-20 to reach me once it has been processed?

All documents are mailed through U.S. airmail and may take 4-6 weeks to reach their destination.

Are international students eligible for financial aid?

International students do not qualify for federal financial aid. However, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities. Please view them here.

Are there athletic scholarships available?

Yes, however these are competitive and offered on a limited basis only. Applicants must meet NAIA and specific athletic program eligibility requirements. Please contact the Athletic Department for details.

How much will one academic year cost?

Please see Tuition and Expenses for cost of attendance for one academic year.

When do I need to pay my university fees?

You are required to pay university tuition and fees, room and board, and health insurance within the first week of school.

When making travel arrangements, which airport should I choose as my destination?

Direct flights are available to Dickinson’s Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport (airport code DIK).

When you have scheduled your flight into Dickinson or Bismarck, please notify us of the flight number, date, and time of arrival by filing out the Airport Pickup form. We will arrange to have someone pick you up at the airport.

If you are flying to Dickinson, we will provide transportation Tuesday-Thursday of the week before classes begin.

We will provide transportation from Bismarck Regional Airport (BIS) to Dickinson State University for new students who arrive in Bismarck, North Dakota, before 9 p.m. Central Time on the Wednesday before classes start for the fall and spring semesters. Please note that there may be waiting times in Bismarck, as multiple students with different arrival times could be using the service. If you plan to arrive at the Bismarck airport, we cannot guarantee pickup.  Please email to check for availability.

Airport pickup is free and available only to new students arriving for their first time at DSU. Please note that this service is subject to availability and requires advance notice.

If you choose to fly into any other airport, it will be up to you to arrange transportation to Dickinson.

Am I allowed to live off campus?

Students who are under the age of 21 are required to live on campus. Students who transfer to DSU with 60+ credits may apply to live off campus.