On July 26-30, 2022, the International Double Reed Society held its 51st Annual Conference in Boulder, Colorado, which showcased over 135 events featuring world-class musicians from the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. Jeremy Wohletz, associate professor of music at DSU, was honored to collaborate with other musicians for one of these events.

In late May, Miriam Webber, bassoonist and co-founder of Silent Voices Project, asked Wohletz if he would be interested in performing clarinet as a part of the Silent Voices Project ensemble. According to Webber, “Silent Voices Project is a large-scale project formed to help create opportunities for women composers engaging in compositional pursuits of writing, publishing, performing, and recording western art music for chamber woodwinds.”

“Not only do I also believe that there is a need for more diverse representation of composers in the current classical repertoire,” shared Wohletz, “but I’m always looking for opportunities to perform with other musicians.”

The other performers in the ensemble included Miriam Webber (bassoon), Lindsey Wiehl (bassoon), Madelyn Moore (clarinet), and Suyeon Kim (conference pianist). The group performed “brook” by Lisa Neher, “Aeolian Muses” by Nancy Galbraith, and a world premiere performance of Grace Oforka’s “Na Mgbo.”

“The performance went very well,” said Wohletz, “and it was such a joy to perform these wonderful pieces at such a prestigious conference with other top-notch musicians.”

three musicians

Dress rehearsal of "Aeolian Muses." Pictured (left to right): Suyeon Kim, Jeremy Wohletz, and Miriam Webber.