Ever since 2018, associate professor of woodwinds, Dr. Jeremy Wohletz, has spent his summers teaching clarinet and coaching woodwind chamber groups at the International Music Camp (IMC). “I never attended summer camp as a kid, so that first year I had no idea what to expect," stated Wohletz. "However, I remember being full of energy and being inspired after the first week up there. It truly was a great experience."

During the academic year, Dr. Wohletz says that he recognizes many of the students he sees at IMC, whether they are performing a solo at a contest that he is judging or attending a school that he visits for recruiting. Some of them even came to camp each summer during the weeks that Dr. Wohletz taught.

Notably, two of the students that Dr. Wohletz taught during his first year at IMC, are now seniors and Dr. Wohletz had the honor of performing with those students at their concert at St. Mary’s Central High School.  “It’s always great to be asked to be a guest artist, but it was even better being able to share the stage with these two very talented clarinetists. It was equally great to spend time after the concert catching up and ‘nerding out’ about clarinets,” said Wohletz.

The trio was also joined on stage with fellow clarinetist and director of bands, Ms. Anne Chambers, as they performed the final number on what was a magnificent concert.