The International Clarinet Association recently celebrated its 50th ClarinetFest entitled, “Our Global Community: Past, Present, and Future” in Denver, CO. Over 1800 clarinetists from across the globe gathered to enjoy lectures, performances, and trying out new equipment in the exhibit hall. One of those performances featured Dickinson State’s associate professor of music, Dr. Jeremy Wohletz, on bass clarinet.

“It was an absolute honor to be selected by my peers to perform in this year’s ClarinetFest and especially on a piece that has been a delight to work on,” said Wohletz.

Collaborating with fellow musicians from Bemidji State University including: Dr. Miriam Webber (bassoon), Dr. Cory Renbarger (baritone voice), and Derek Bebeau (bariton voice), this ensemble performed a piece entitled “Three Ojibwe Stories.” This piece was commissioned in 2017 by Dr. Webber and was composed by Nathan Jones. The text for this three-movement work consists of Ojibwe Native American stories told by Anna C. Gibbs and translated by Anton Treuer, Professor of Ojibwe, at Bemidji State University.

“It has been a blast working on this piece and collaborating with such great musicians. Despite the exhaustion and nervousness performing for my peers, I always feel rejuvenated and inspired after performing and attending these festivals,” added Wohletz.

While a recording of the performance at ClarinetFest is unavailable, you can see a previous performance with the same musicians here.