Forty-seven students demonstrated exceptional skills in communication courses at Dickinson State University (DSU). These students were awarded the Recognition of Excellence in Communication by the Office of Academic Affairs following the spring 2022 semester.

“Communication skills are often the key determinant of a successful professional career,” said Debora Dragseth, provost and vice president at DSU. “Employers tell us they appreciate that Dickinson State University places emphasis on effective verbal and written communication skills.”

The Recognition of Excellence in Communication is awarded to students who have earned an A or B grade in College Composition I and II (ENGL 110 and 120) and Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COMM 110) over the course of their collegiate career. This accolade is published to the students’ Merit Pages accounts, allowing them to share their prowess in written and spoken communication with potential employers.

View the list of Recognition of Excellence in Communication awardees here.

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