As we all know, college is expensive. Paying for classes, books, school supplies, housing, and dining isn’t always fully covered by financial aid. Then if you throw in any extra expenses like groceries, outings with friends, etc., it all adds up. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Dickinson State University is always looking to hire students for their on-campus positions, and there are plenty of options for places of employment outside of school.

We talked to Kayla Noah, dean of students, about some commonly asked questions when students are looking for a job.

What items should a student be prepared with before applying for a job?

Students should have a draft resume and cover letter that can be adapted to the job they are applying for.

Is having no prior experience okay?

It is dependent upon the job. It’s important to convey that you are willing to learn and are excited about the job opportunity.

How should a student prepare for an interview?

Students should be knowledgeable of the job description, salary range, etc. To prepare for the interview, work with a professional staff member to set up a mock interview. Be prepared to dress professionally and ask questions during the interview as well.

What are the benefits of having a job while attending school?

Some of the benefits include having extra money to attend events, go out to eat, and minimize debt while graduating.

What are the benefits of having an on-campus job compared to an off-campus one?

An on-campus job is often more flexible with your school and study schedule. Some on-campus jobs allow you to study in your down time. Additionally, you save on gas money by not having to commute to an off-campus location.

Where can students go for help with their applications or resumes?

Students can visit the Student Opportunity and Resource (SOAR) Center, second floor of May Hall, for assistance with applications and resumes.

Thanks Kayla!

So, if you are interested in applying for an on-campus job, visit the DSU website and under the About tab you will find Employment.

Don’t forget to use the resources available on campus to ensure you are prepared to make the best impression, and feel free to stop by the SOAR Center if you have any other questions.