Teamwork is demonstrated in more ways than just wearing the same jersey. And in this case, it was a blend of instruments and music, mixed with a sense of community, that brought two school bands together to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for a local high school basketball game. 

Earlier this month, students from the Dickinson State University (DSU) band gave a joint performance with the Killdeer High School (KHS) band. The collaboration was initiated by KHS’s band director, Michael Housel, who invited the DSU students to join them for some basketball pep band, and to help them entertain the crowd in their brand-new gymnasium.

“Music is very collaborative,” stated Dr. Brian Holder, DSU’s band director. “This was a great way to help out one of our neighboring communities. It was a fantastic way for our DSU music education students to watch a seasoned high school teacher in action with his pep band.”

The feedback was positive – the students enjoyed making music together and building bonds with fellow musicians from around the Dickinson region.

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