Dickinson State University reported an overall enrollment headcount of 1,391 students – compared to 1345 in spring 2022 – showing an increase of 3.4% growth, according to the spring 2023 official census report.

“We are excited to see continuing steady growth of students attending Dickinson State,” said Steve Easton, DSU president. “Whether a student wants to start their educational journey, transfer to finish their last couple of classes, or enroll in workforce training classes, Dickinson State is ready to help them succeed – no matter where they are at in life.”

In addition, full-time enrolled students and FTE of total credit hours taken essentially stayed flat, while early entry enrollment headcount jumped from 203 to 224 for a 10.34% growth and transfer enrollment headcount increased by 12%. Part-time enrollment jumped by 50 students, showing an increase of 10%.

Nationally, part-time enrollment continues to increase with headcount. According to a National Center for Education Statistics survey, 73% of higher education students fit into the non-traditional category. Non-traditional students are defined as falling into one or more of the following demographic characteristics: enrolled part-time, working full-time, have a spouse and/or dependents, having a one-year or more gap between high school and enrolling in college, having high school certification other than a diploma, or are financially independent.

Dickinson State University’s Spring 2023 enrollment data includes 62% full-time enrolled students and 38% part-time enrolled students. In Spring 2022, Dickinson State University enrolled 64% full-time students and 36% part-time students.

“DSU’s enrollment picture is consistent with emerging trends in higher education across the nation,” stated John Miller, interim vice president and provost. “Two of those trends include: a growing population of high school students who want to begin their college journey sooner by taking early entry/dual credit classes and a growing subgroup of students who attend college part-time and don’t fit the traditional mold of a first-time full-time student.”

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