Over forty Dickinson State students presented their achievements in research, humanities, and the arts during the 2023 Celebration of Scholars event Saturday, April 22, on the DSU campus. Students showcased their scholarly work to an audience of peers, faculty, staff, and community members through an oral or poster presentation.

Wendy Wilson, professor of psychology, is one of the committee members who helped put on the Celebration of Scholars. “This is a great event for students to show off their scholarly work in a conference setting. The diligence of the students’ presentations showed on Saturday.”

This year also featured two DSU faculty keynote speakers: Dr. Colin Strine, assistant professor of biology; and Dr. Marcus Fries, associate professor of mathematics. DSU student, Priyanka Davis, also joined the keynote address during Dr. Fries’ session. Dr. Strine touched on the necessity of conservation of the king cobra – the world’s largest venomous snake. In addition, Dr. Fries’ keynote featured how machine learning is the backbone of modern A.I. and how it focused on using data and algorithms to imitate the way humans learn. Dr. Fries indicated how machine learning could use non-natural images to develop a program that can identify different types of cancer.

To view the entire list of topics and abstracts that were presented during the 2023 Celebration of Scholars event, please click here.