Transfer Student Evaluations

General Information

College-level credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities (or equivalent for international institutions) are eligible for transfer. Credit for a remedial course is not eligible for transfer if the course is considered remedial by the school that offered it or if it is equal to a remedial course at DSU. It may, however, fulfill prerequisite requirements.

You can find course equivalencies from various schools across the U.S. at the Transfer Equivalency website. This database is for planning purposes only. If you don’t see your college or university on the list, this doesn’t mean that DSU will not accept credit from that institution. The equivalencies listed are subject to change.

The Office of Academic Records completes the official transfer of credit. Please meet with your advisor see if a specific course will transfer to DSU. When you’re accepted to DSU, your transcripts will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Records. This is for official evaluation, a process which may take up to two weeks. After your courses have been evaluated, you may view the results on Campus Connection.

Transfer Credit Challenge Procedures

According to the DSU Equivalency and Substitution Waiver Policy 530.008, Academic Records can allow you to substitute or waive courses upon approval from your advisor, the department chair, the academic records registrar or the vice president of academic affairs/provost.

  • Course substitution is when a student petitions to substitute a different course (transferred or not) in lieu of a required course to complete his/her degree. Substitutions are issued by the academic department on a case-by-case basis. They are only good for the current student requesting the substitution(s). Course substitutions do not override prerequisites. Submit a Course Substitution/Waiver Form to request an evaluation.
  • Course equivalency is when a student transfers in a course from another college or university and wants that course to be equal to one that DSU offers. The transferring course gains DSU equivalency once the student brings a course description or syllabus to the corresponding department. This course will then be equivalent for other students coming from the same college or university.

Unofficial Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you haven’t applied to Dickinson State but are thinking about attending and would like to find out if one or more of your courses will transfer over, you can request an unofficial transfer credit evaluation. The request will be held for 30 days until the Office of Academic Records receives an unofficial transcript by mail, fax, or email. Please contact Gwen Mosqueda at to request an unofficial transfer evaluation.