The Collegiate Advertising Awards (CAA) is an elite, national program recognizing higher education organizations for excellence in communications, marketing, advertising, and promotions of their schools.

The 2021 CAA program received entries from the United States and Canada representing small community colleges to very large schools and universities.

Submissions were reviewed by a national panel of industry experts, with a possibility of 100 total points. Dickinson State University’s (DSU) entries competed against similar-sized organizations in their specific groups and categories.

Awards were issued for entries that received top marks from judges placing them in the top 16% of the nation for advertising excellence. Judging criteria included creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality and overall appeal. Dickinson State University received the Collegiate Advertising Gold Award for Admissions Marketing placing them in the top 5% in the nation.

Representing all areas of communications, medias, marketing, advertising, and promotions, the 2021 Collegiate Advertising Awards program contained some of the best advertising projects arguably in the world. The Collegiate Advertising Awards is pleased to recognize the outstanding creative achievements of DSU.

All winners are posted on the Collegiate Advertising Awards website at

All winning DSU materials can be viewed in their entirety at

Judges Choice – Score of 100% (only 2 issued – top 1%)
Gold Awards – Score of 95 to 99 (top 5% in the nation)
Silver Awards – Score of 90 to 94 (top 12% in the nation)
Bronze Awards – Score of 85 to 89 (top 16% in the nation)