With less than a month until the start of the fall semester, now is the time to lock in your educational goals. Whether you are looking to start your educational journey, to finish a couple classes to complete your degree, or to complete a master’s degree, Dickinson State University has options for you.

We also have options in course delivery. Almost all of our undergraduate courses are available face-to-face on our campus or via remote simultaneous delivery. A few undergraduate courses and all graduate courses are available via what we in higher education call “asynchronous” access, meaning via remote delivery at whatever time of day works best for you. Thus, while we would love to have you on campus if it works for you, we would also love to have you zoom in virtually, if that works better for you. We want to be available to you in whatever stage of life you are in.

So what are your DSU program options? Let’s review them, from those that require the least time investment to those that will take more than a year.

Non-Degree Seeking You do not have to be pursing a certificate or a degree to take one (or more) of our classes. Even if you already have a degree, consider the benefit of taking classes from our experts in history, writing, science, music, literature, and many other fields. Learning is a lifetime pursuit. We would enjoy helping you on that journey toward new knowledge.

Certificates Dickinson State is now teaching many career and technical education courses that lead to certificates, most of which can be completed in less than two years. As North Dakota’s only “Dual Mission” university, we have programs available in welding, truck driving, and health care, to name a few. Whether or not you already have a degree, this is a great time to get additional skills.

Associate Degrees We used to think of associate’s degrees as “two-year” programs, but that is not always the case now, as many take courses part-time. Regardless of your schedule, consider the more than 15 DSU associate degree programs, including fire science, elementary education, theater, and criminal justice, to name a few. We would love to help you find a career path that suits your interests. Our two-year programs are flexible, affordable, and tailored to you.

Bachelor’s Degrees DSU offers over 70 bachelor’s degrees in areas including agriculture and technical studies, kinesiology, mathematics and computer science, music, theater, natural and social sciences, nursing, education, and business, to name a few. To continue with our theme, please remember that some attend full-time while working toward a bachelor’s degree, but many attend part-time.

Graduate Programs DSU now offers six fully accredited master’s degree program options. All of our graduate classes are available via remote access from your home or workplace, on your schedule.

We have two pathways to increased opportunities in the business world, the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Entrepreneurship. The Master of Sport Administration in Athletic Leadership is for coaches and others who want to pursue work as athletics or activities directors.

Our Master of Education in Elementary Education is for credentialed teachers who want opportunities for advancement in their teaching careers. The Master of Arts in Teaching is for those whose undergraduate degrees were in non-education disciplines, but are now looking for licensure as secondary teachers.

We are also launching a brand new graduate program, the Master of Education in Educational Leadership. It is designed for teachers who want to explore new opportunities in school administration.

There’s never been a better time to learn from DSU’s wonderful faculty. Fall semester starts Aug. 21. If you are interested in joining us in the fall, please call our Admissions Office at (701) 502-4390 or contact us at dsu.hawk@dickinsonstate.edu. To help you get this process started, please use the code free23 to waive the application fee. 

Every Blue Hawk, from those only taking one class to those pursuing a graduate degree, receives a high-quality, personalized education at an affordable rate. In keeping with that commitment, we have frozen tuition and fees for four years, through the summer semester of 2025! That’s right, you will not pay more tuition or fees will increase from now through the 2024-25 academic year. And you will be paying the same rates that students paid in 2020.

We would love to have you as a DSU student.

Hawks are up!