Dr. Jeremy Wohletz named national semi-finalist in The American Prize contest

March 9, 2023

Nearly a year ago, Dr. Jeremy Wohletz, DSU’s associate professor of music, entered into a national music contest, The American Prize – the nation’s most comprehensive series of contests in the performing arts. Founded in 2010, The American...


Shattering Stereotypes: Meet Jacob Scully, dual-sport student-athlete

March 7, 2023

Anti-social. Lazy. Unathletic. Forever stuck in front of a screen, oblivious to the world outside of fantasy. These are some of the unflattering stereotypes often pinned to gamers. None of them could accurately describe Dickinson State University...


Dr. Jeremy Wohletz performs at Low Clarinet Festival

March 3, 2023

The year marks the 50th anniversary of the International Clarinet Association (ICA) and one of the ways the ICA celebrated was to host the first-ever Low Clarinet Festival. The Festival brought over 200 low clarinet enthusiasts from all over the...


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