1. Spend Less, Gain More

The cost of a college education has been a hot button issue across the nation for some time, especially as student debt has reached historic levels. It is no surprise that DSU’s affordability is a main attraction as well as a reason to attend and to stay. Students find that they get a hands-on education at an affordable price, an important feature that few institutions can boast.

DSU is one of the few colleges in the nation to freeze its tuition, and the institution has encouraged the use of open education resources (free to use) for course materials to further improve affordability for its students.

DSU also offers its New North Dakota rate of tuition (in-state rate) to all western U.S. states, including Hawaii and Alaska. In fact, one student stated, “I pay less to attend Dickinson State as an out-of-state student than I would have paid for my in-state tuition back home.”

  1. Work Without Leaving Campus

The benefit of low tuition paired with the part-time employment opportunities for students attending small colleges like DSU attracts and keeps them progressing through their academic programs. In fact, some students find themselves able to pay tuition and/or expenses with their part-time earnings. Often, the starting pay for these positions is above $10 an hour with some even topping the $18-20 range.

  1. Close to Home, Easy Travel Access

Dickinson State is conveniently located close to home for most of its students. One student stated, “I am able to drive home to see my family when I feel homesick, which is not that often.”

The proximity to I-94 and the growing number of flights available due to the economic boom in the region makes visiting home easier for those who have a greater distance to travel.

Small colleges also recognize that not all learners can leave their homes to attend college, and therefore, have added distance options. Considering its size, Dickinson State has an impressive variety of online and distance programs available.

  1. A Student’s Second Family

Perhaps one of the main reasons so many of DSU’s out-of-state students rarely feel homesickness is because they are treated like family. “You can’t help but to get to know faculty, staff, and coaches, which is the fun part,” one student commented. Faculty at Dickinson State take pride in getting to know their students and guiding them along their educational paths.

  1. Small Campus = Small Classes

In comparison to larger schools, DSU provides students with a more intimate educational setting. The thirteen-to-one faculty-to-student ratio makes this possible.

For students seeking a more direct approach to learning, the school's open-door culture means that they have the option of seeking help directly from a professor. “It’s really nice to come to campus and feel like a person, not a number,” commented several students.

Additionally, the campus provides free tutoring services. Tutors at DSU are selected from the student body. Each peer-tutor undergoes a nationally recognized training course and expresses passion and excellence for their subject(s).

  1. Challenging Programs

DSU is constantly evolving and listening to the demands of industry. Due to this connection with the community, the programs that students are exposed to are cutting-edge.

DSU’s Dual Mission exposes students to the opportunity to study in traditional liberal arts majors as well as career and technical programs, such as welding, truck driving, and certified nursing. In 2023, students will be able to study meat processing and fire (fighting) science.

DSU now offers five master’s programs, which qualified students may start as early as their senior year in the institution’s 4+1 program: Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education in Elementary Education, Master of Entrepreneurship, and Master of Sport Administration in Athletic Leadership.

  1. So Many Experiences!

Attending a small school lets students try all kinds of activities! “At DSU, I can be a part of an honors program, act in a play, and play a sport. I don’t know where else I could have done that. My experiences are what brought me here and what keeps me here,” commented one active senior.

Along with the 13 men’s and women’s NAIA athletic teams, the school offers rodeo, band, choral, theatre and a host of specialized clubs and organizations that range from culturally specific to program specific. DSU’s Campus Activities Board, Student Senate, and RA staff are consistently hosting a range of programs for students.

  1. Diversity

Although DSU is in an area dominated by European culture, the campus has students from 14 countries as well as a variety of U.S. states, from Massachusetts to Hawaii to Florida to Alaska. Students can work side-by-side with individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a well-rounded academic experience filled with many perspectives. The DSU Multicultural Committee also hosts Global Tables throughout the school year to promote student-led intercultural education.

  1. Safety

Campus safety is extremely important for students wanting a traditional college experience. DSU promotes and uses the Blue Hawk SAFE mobile app, which provides emergency contact, safety training, support resources, and anonymous reporting at every student’s fingertip.

Reviewing the campus safety reports can be a good place to start. Considering safety, small schools, like DSU, usually have some of the highest safety ratings for college campuses.

Not only is Dickinson State a safe campus, but the community of Dickinson, North Dakota, is a desirable choice for those looking to start a career or family.

  1. After Graduation Opportunity

Small campuses are typically located in smaller communities—not always, but usually. These small cities like Dickinson usually have excellent job opportunities, especially in professional and technical fields.

Dickinson State works with area employers wishing to hire their students as interns in hopes of employing them immediately after graduation. “I was gaining experience in my field before I actually completed my degree and knew that once I was finished, a good job was waiting for me,” said one DSU student intern.

Small campuses like Dickinson State also have career services offices that can help with resumé and cover letter writing in addition to interview preparation.

Small colleges have so much to offer. Have you considered what an institution like Dickinson State University could provide in terms of a well-rounded, academic experience? Students at small colleges know that they will be required to perform at a high level, will not fade into the crowd, and are therefore more prepared for the challenges ahead in their careers.

DSU encourages any students seeking an atmosphere that makes them feel at home while providing them the opportunity to excel and soar towards their goals to contact the Office of Admissions. To request additional information or to set up a time to come and check out the campus, please visit https://dickinsonstate.edu/admissions or call 1-800-279-HAWK.


How Does DSU Know This List Is True?

“Each day, as I walk into my classroom as an associate professor of business, I encounter new and refreshing experiences. I imagine this is how most faculty feel at small colleges like Dickinson State University. This atmosphere is why I love being an educator. As we engaged in our typical class discussion regarding industry and the performance of corporate entities, I could not help but wonder what had brought this dynamic group of learners to Dickinson State. Towards the end of this discussion, I was compelled to ask them two questions: ‘Why did you choose DSU?’ and ‘What made you stay?’ The responses were too insightful not to share (with their permission of course).” – Holly Gruhlke, an associate professor for the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Dickinson State University.