Can you believe you are about to start college? Like in a couple of days!  Like anyone, you’re going to be wondering what you should pack. There’s the stuff everybody knows: blankets, towels, pillows, your backpack. But then, there’s stuff that you might not have thought about – last minute things. Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered. Well, Buster does!


Bed Risers – Perfect for storage under your bed because your closet will NOT feel big enough.

Plush Mattress Pad – To give yourself a little extra comfort while you sleep after those long nighttime study sessions.

Fan – To keep you cool during the summer nights. It also doubles as a way to drown out your roommate’s snoring! Trust us, you’ll be happy you brought one!

Extra-Long Phone Charging Cord – Because, odds are, the nearest available outlet is nowhere near your bed. You can thank us later for this tip.

Bluetooth Headphones – So you can jam out while you study or for a walk/run. You can also use this to listen to your favorite podcast while your roommate is asleep!

Reusable Dishes and Utensils – How else are you supposed to eat your ramen noodles and pizza rolls? Plus, you’ll be the hit of the residence hall with all the snacks and goodies!

Dish Soap and Scrubber – …because those dirty dishes won’t clean themselves. 

TV – Turn your dorm room into the weekend hotspot with movie marathons and binge-watching shows (only if you have your homework done, though! 😉) Note: Talk to your roommate so you don’t both bring one!

Keurig – To get you going for those early morning classes. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, DSU just installed a Starbucks coffee machine for students, faculty, staff, and the community to use! Located right outside of the library!

Shower Caddy – To carry all your bathroom essentials from one end of the hall to the bathroom. This comes in handy!

Need more answers to your most common questions about living on campus? No problem! Click here for a list of FAQs, more do’s and dont’s of what to bring, and other important information to help make your first year on campus a great one!

Hawks are up!