Dickinson State University's School of Business and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Baker Boy, Inc., is delighted to announce the inaugural "Leadership Rising" conference. Scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at the university. The event is supported by the North Dakota Economic Diversification Research Grant.

Organized by Dr. Debora Dragseth, Baker Boy Professor of Leadership, and the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Scholars, the conference is anticipated to be a transformative educational event. Dragseth notes, “We decided that the topic of our inaugural conference will be ‘Leadership Influence.’ Research shows that each of us influences more than 10,000 people in our lifetimes. Our distinguished team of speakers will highlight the importance of influence as a key ingredient to success.”

Dr. Lori Hauf, Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and Guy Moos, CEO of Baker Boy, Inc., expressed their excitement and support for this initiative, underscoring its importance in driving sustainability and economic growth in the community.

The conference is free and open to community members, business leaders college and high school students, faculty, and staff. For more information and to register for this groundbreaking conference, please visit dickinsonstate.edu/rising.  Seating is limited and the first 100 registrants will receive a V.I.P. gift.


Command Sergeant Major Scott Obrigewitch

A highlight of the conference is the participation of Command Sergeant Major Scott Obrigewitch, a distinguished military leader with a rich history of service and leadership. CSM Obrigewitch joined the US Army and trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was stationed in West Germany from February 1989 to October 1991, witnessing momentous events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. His military career also includes involvement in Desert Shield/Storm.

Joining the North Dakota National Guard in 2000, CSM Obrigewitch's notable achievements include a deployment to Iraq in 2004, recognition as Non-commissioned Officer of the year in 2008, and participation in several state activations. He attended the prestigious NATO School in Germany and has conducted leadership classes in Africa. As one of the original members of the ND Military Funeral Honors Team, he has conducted over 100 missions to honor Veterans.

At the US Army Sergeant’s Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas, he was ranked 33 out of 709 in his graduating class and received the William G. Bainbridge Ethics Award, recognizing his exceptional moral and ethical standards.

Nancy Sprynczynatyk, LPC-MH

Nancy Sprynczynatyk, LPC-MH Nancy brings over 25 years of diverse expertise in mental health, human resource management, program development, and education to the Rising Leadership Conference. Nancy’s career spans a diverse range of roles, from mental health counseling with a focus on growth, wellness, and resilience, to advanced disaster relief, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.

Educated at the University of Montana and Washington College, Nancy holds multiple licenses in professional counseling. A significant portion of Nancy’s career has been dedicated to disaster mental health services with the American Red Cross, where she played a pivotal role in responding to regional and national emergencies and disaster preparedness. Her numerous awards, including the National Red Cross Special Commendation for disaster mental health work, are testaments to her contributions to the field. She brings a global leadership perspective based on her experience in international missions in Finland, Tanzania, and the Dominican Republic.

Nancy’s professional journey, marked by groundbreaking achievements in mental health counseling, education, and program development, along with her compassionate approach to leadership, makes her an exceptional asset to Dickinson State University’s upcoming Leadership Conference.

Scott Molander

Scott Molander This year's conference will include special recorded message from Scott Molander Scott Molander, whose innovative leadership and entrepreneurial journey from Crosby, North Dakota, has made a significant impact in the retail world. Graduating from Dickinson State University in 1988, Scott Molander embarked on a journey that transformed the retail world. His vision, alongside that of his partner Glenn Campbell, led to the founding of Hat World in 1995—a venture that started with a simple idea of selling hats in malls. Hat World expanded to more than 500 stores with its subsequent acquisition of the Lids Corporation, turning it into a retail giant before the partners sold the company in 2004 for a staggering $177.4 million.

Scott's tenure at Lids culminated in a company boasting revenues that exceeded $950 million by the time he retired in 2016 to begin other ventures. His journey is not just about numbers; it's a story of persistent innovation, influence, and transformational leadership.

Scott has been honored with the prestigious North Dakota Business Innovator of the Year Award, an award also given to Governor Doug Burgum, highlighting his role in transforming the nation’s retail landscape. His induction into the Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame and being named Indiana Entrepreneur of the Year—twice—underscores his significant contributions and influence. Scott has influenced countless individuals and organizations. His advice and experiences are invaluable for those aspiring to create their own success stories.

For more information, please visit dickinsonstate.edu/rising.